So this is how it all began..

With over 20 years experience in the garment manufacturing business and having worked with many global brands like Walmart, Target, M&S etc. Kalpana - the founder of 'NoName' realised that fast fashion was causing a major detriment to the world's delicately balanced eco-system. While most of the immediate damage was being faced both in environmental as well as social terms, to the developing countries where the goods were being produced, in the long term it impacted every single human being, everywhere on the planet.

Therefore, she started The NoName company in 2018, to promote efficient, sustainable & ethical garment manufacturing, through  the use of natural, organic & recycled fabrics like Organic Cotton, Linen, Hemp, Bamboo, Tencel etc and technology-based allocation of resources, leading to better utilization and creating a network of audited, verified and highly productive suppliers & factories.

The name: The founding team and our marketing agency brainstormed many brand names for the business and spent a fair number of days deliberating on a name for the business, but finally some wise crack in the team suggested we should focus on our customer's brands instead and think how we could promote sustainability and provide a platform for sustainable fashion brands to share their story, their voice, so why not drop our name altogether and just call it "The NoName Company"? Initially we did not think that was possible or we could even get a bank account opened or a company registered like that. But happen it did and we started an interesting journey, with an interesting name or noname if you like :)

Today: The NoName Company, is positioned as an exporter of customised garments, fabrics, trims and accessories for small/midsize fashion brands worldwide. We support your supply chain, from end to end, enabling you to procure exceptional quality stuff for your store or e-commerce website at very competitive prices and in tight timelines.


We work directly with suppliers of fabric, trims, laces, buttons, printers, embroidery houses & factories, where these are all put together, so you get the benefit of direct access to the whole eco-system that helps keep your store well-stocked, with the latest designs and trendy products.

We make many exceptional things but are more focused on organic and sustainable products, made with ethical manufacturing processes in modern, certified factories. So feel free to reach out to us, with whatever your needs are and we may well be your one-stop source for sourcing any & all kinds of garments and or accessories.

Buy fabrics, trims & raw materials to make your garments yourself

Get clothing for your brand, manufactured at our factories

Ethical Apparel

We strongly believe in ensuring that our factories as well as goods we source from any factory anywhere in the world, meet the highest standards of ethical production. We are very stringent in our checks and measures to ensure that there is no child labour hidden in the products you sell, and they have been made in safe hygienic work conditions, by employees who have been paid reasonable wages. This is a strong underlying tenet for our brand!

Ethical garment manufacturing company