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For us, the defining trend of 2021 was you - fashion brands who grew & entrepreneurs who started numerous new stores - online, offline, on marketplaces and in many formats. We also saw a distinct move towards sustainability as you asked for 300% more sustainable clothes than last year, which took our own Organic and Sustainable garments mix up from 32% to 71% YOY. We'd like to thank you for what you did for the Earth. More strength to you and here's hoping that 2022 will see even more brands join us - the treehuggers, the vegans, the kind, the good and the proud! Together we will make the world a better place.

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10 Best Organic Products Startups 2021

We were suitably overwhelmed - who doesn't like an award, but really we didn't deserve this. This goes out to all our customers, employees, suppliers and partners who chose sustainability and joined us on this journey towards sustainability. We look forward to having many more stories with all you lovely people in 2022 and the years ahead.

The trends that shaped 2021

WFH dictated the fashion and apparel trends this year and was shaped by relaxed Loungewear, Resort wear, Pyjamas, T-shirts, Denim and Hoodies. The winters saw conventional jackets, sweatshirts and hoodies. These are expected to reman the trend in 2022 but we expect to see brighter colours especially in citrus hues like lime green, saturated yellow, classic Kelly green and sunset orange. Stay tuned to see more styles that we add to our Window Shop for your style inspiration.


as we move into

We feel there are more good things to come. Together we will win over the pandemic. So you and us together - the dreamers, the trendsetters, the fashion makers can get down to saving the planet with better, more sustainable fabrics, investing in more efficient, less wasteful processes, using less natural resources, leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Let's start planning our styles, inventories and marketing plans for this exciting new year ahead.

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