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NoName's Journey at Texworld Paris 2024


The 2024 version of Texworld Paris from 5th to 7th Feb has just concluded in the beautiful environs of the Paris Expo at Porte de Versailles, Paris, France. In France where fashion is akin to the national sport, we had the opportunity to be part of the fashion sourcing event in the city that is gearing up for an Olympics and buzzing with activity.

Fashion buyers and clothing manufacturers as well as many textile companies converged in one place, there was as much innovation on display, as beauty and excellent craftsmanship.

NoName's Journey at Texworld 2024 Paris

The main focus in Texworld 2024 was on near-sourcing and sustainable clothing primarily targeted at fashion brands in Europe and the UK. NoName, a renowned clothing manufacturer from India also participated in this prestigious event, in collaboration with Foursource, and proudly showcased its commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly fashion at Hall 7.3, Booth F312. 

Specializing in sustainable fashion and low MOQ manufacturing, NoName showcased a range of clothing crafted from eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, and sustainable denim.

Texworld Paris 2024 is part of Texworld Evolution, a series of fairs worldwide covering the entire textile and fashion industry. Exhibitors span various sectors, showcasing the richness and diversity of the textile and clothing industry. NoName's presence contributed to this vibrant tapestry.

This event became a fantastic chance for both big and small manufacturers to connect with a multitude of fashion brands to team up and create connections for efficient supply chains and manufacturing partnerships. Focused on innovation and creativity, the event provides a platform for the latest trends in customized and ready-to-wear fashion. NoName eagerly participated in this dynamic gathering to share its unique perspective as a leading clothing manufacturer from India.

Kasturi Cotton

Indian Government Initiative - Kasturi Cotton in Texworld Paris 2024:

A standout feature of the event was the Indian Government Initiative - Kasturi Cotton, a groundbreaking initiative by the Ministry of Textiles. Introduced by Union Textiles Minister Shri Piyush Goyal, Kasturi Cotton Bharat is a dedicated blockchain platform providing 100% traceability from the cotton seed to the finished garment for sustainable textile and apparel production. It signals India's commitment to enhancing the quality and traceability of its cotton.

The initiative aims to boost India's competitiveness in the global market while fostering an environmentally friendly and sustainable approach to cotton production. Kasturi Cotton has a mission to redefine the cotton industry, earning the moniker 'white gold with a green heart.'

Utilizing advanced blockchain technology, Kasturi Cotton ensures transparency in the cotton manufacturing process. Each stage, starting from ginning, is tracked through QR codes, allowing brands, retailers, and bale buyers to trace the journey of this Indian high-quality cotton.

This commitment to traceability aligns with NoName's dedication to transparency and sustainability in clothing manufacturing. As a sustainable clothing manufacturer in India, NoName values initiatives like Kasturi Cotton that empower farmers, benefit the entire supply chain, and give Indian cotton a distinct identity as a premium, ethically produced material in the global market.

Insights from the Texworld 2024 Paris

Insights of Texworld Paris 2024 from NoName’s Perspective:

  • Golden Opportunity for Collaboration:

  • Texworld Paris 2024 served as a unique platform for clothing manufacturers in India, providing a golden opportunity for collaboration between manufacturers and small to mid-size fashion brands.

  • Manufacturers, including NoName, had the chance to showcase their expertise in various aspects, such as small-order production, sustainable practices, and private-label manufacturing.

Building strong relationships with fashion brands
  • Networking and Connections:

  • NoName actively engaged in networking activities during the event, fostering connections with European fashion brands.

  • The exchange of ideas and collaborations opened doors for potential partnerships, emphasizing the significance of connecting with global players in the fashion industry.

  • Highlight on Small Order Manufacturing:

  • NoName, as a small order clothing manufacturer in India, highlighted the flexibility and adaptability of their production processes, catering to the specific needs of smaller fashion brands.

  • The event provided a stage for discussions on the advantages of small-order manufacturing, emphasizing efficiency and personalized service.

  • Emphasis on Sustainability:

  • NoName's focus on sustainability stood out, attracting fashion brands with a shared commitment to eco-friendly practices.

  • Collaborative discussions centered around sustainable sourcing, eco-friendly fabric choices, and environmentally conscious manufacturing processes.

  • Wholesale and Private Label Options:

  • NoName showcased its capabilities as a wholesale clothing and private label clothing manufacturer in India, offering versatile options for potential collaborators.

  • The event highlighted the advantages of working with a manufacturer capable of producing in bulk and providing customizable private-label solutions.

Collaboration with fashion brands

  • Building Strong Relationships:

  • Texworld Paris 2024 created an environment conducive to building strong and lasting relationships between manufacturers and fashion brands.

  • NoName's active participation exemplified the importance of collaborative efforts in shaping the future of the fashion industry.

In summary, Texworld Paris 2024 not only presented a stage for NoName to showcase its capabilities as a private-label clothing manufacturer in India but also facilitated valuable collaborations and networking opportunities with global fashion brands, emphasizing the diversity and potential within the industry.

Conclusion: NoName had a great time at Texworld Paris 2024. Their way of making clothes sustainably matched perfectly with what the event was all about. This led to exciting opportunities for collaboration and making new connections. Being a clothing manufacturer in India, NoName proudly showed off the country's skills on the global fashion scene. Whether it's small orders, sustainable fashion, wholesale clothing, or creating unique private label designs, NoName showcased its versatility and made a positive impact at the event.

NoName participated in Texworld 2024 Paris

Explore NoName's sustainable clothing options, and join them in their journey towards a more ethical and stylish future. For potential collaborators and clients, NoName welcomes inquiries for exciting partnership opportunities. Let's embrace sustainable fashion together!

WhatsApp: +91-9717 508 508

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