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Where to get kids mixed wholesale clothes?

In today's ever-changing world of retail, and kids' fashion, retailers are in for an exciting ride. The global kids' fashion market is on a remarkable upswing, both in traditional stores and across online platforms. The demand for wholesale kids' clothing is skyrocketing, and there are plenty of good reasons behind this surge. Let's explore the factors driving this growth, the big players in the field, and the best ways for retailers to source their stock.

Where to get kids mixed wholesale clothes?

Why is the Kids wholesale clothes market booming?

The market for kids clothes is growing at a fast clip, thanks to various factors, including:

Increasing Disposable Income: Modern parents, particularly millennials, possess higher disposable income than previous generations. This financial capacity enables them to invest more in their children's clothing, aligning with the growing trend of fashion-conscious kids.

Influence of Branded Clothing: Children are becoming more brand-conscious from an early age, largely due to exposure to celebrities and influencers flaunting certain labels. This has led to a surge in the demand for branded kidswear.

Social Media's Impact: Omnipresent social media has revolutionised kids' fashion. Parents and children alike are using platforms to showcase stylish outfits, fueling a new avenue of self-expression and inspiration.

Gender-Neutral Clothing: A societal shift towards inclusivity and gender neutrality has also impacted the kids clothes market. Parents are seeking clothing options that align with their children's individual preferences.

Emphasis on Sustainability: The environmentally conscious movement has reached the wholesale kids clothes market. Parents are increasingly seeking eco-friendly clothing, contributing to the demand for sustainable options.

Online Shopping Revolution: The convenience and vast array of options offered by online shopping have attracted parents seeking kidswear. This shift has prompted retailers to invest in their digital presence.

Statistics Reflecting the Kidswear Market Boom

According to recent statistics, the global kids' apparel market stood at $187.29 billion in 2022, and it is projected to escalate from $198.80 billion in 2023 to a staggering $318.34 billion by 2030. This robust growth is a testament to the industry's potential and the changing consumer landscape.

Booming market of Kids mixed wholesale clothes

Leading Brands in the Kidswear Market

Several prominent brands have made their mark in the kidswear sector, offering a variety of options for discerning parents:

  • Next: Known for high-quality, reasonably priced clothing catering to children of all ages.

  • Monsoon Kids: Offers stylish, affordable options including dresses, skirts, pants, and tops.

  • JoJo Maman Bebe: Known for comfortable and stylish high-quality clothing made from natural materials.

  • H&M, Primark, George at ASDA: Brands providing budget-friendly yet good-quality clothing options.

  • The Children's Place: Offers reasonably priced, high-quality clothing with a wide range of options.

  • Shein: A popular Chinese fast fashion retailer known for trendy styles at affordable prices.

  • Benetton: An Italian brand known for its colourful knitwear and commitment to sustainability.

  • Marks & Spencer: A British multinational retailer providing classic, high-quality clothing.

Why is Kidswear Preferred by Wholesalers?

kids mixed wholesale clothes by clothing manufacturer in India

Kidswear presents a lucrative opportunity for wholesalers due to several factors:

High Demand and Profitability: The consistent demand for kidswear ensures a steady stream of customers, and the relatively low manufacturing costs allow for competitive pricing and higher profit margins.

High Margins and Quick Turnover: Kidswear often carries higher profit margins than other clothing categories, and the rapid growth of children necessitates frequent purchases, leading to a quick turnover of stock.

Ease of Marketing: Kids clothes are easy to market since parents are constantly seeking fashionable and comfortable clothing for their children, allowing wholesalers to tap into a wide audience.

Effective Sourcing Methods for kids mixed wholesale clothes

Online B2B Platforms:, and are online platforms that offer opportunities for fashion retailers to source kids' mixed wholesale clothes. While such platforms offer extensive options, they can be overwhelming due to the huge number of categories, products, vendors and manufacturers. Navigating these platforms to find the right supplier can be a challenge for most people.

Wholesale market for kids mixed wholesale clothes

Wholesale Markets: While markets like Chandni Chowk in New Delhi, India, Shahe clothing wholesale market in Guangzhou, China, and New Market in Dhaka, Bangladesh offer vast selections, they are extremely difficult to navigate and find the right partner may be a struggle given the vast number of suppliers. Obviously, there are some good and trustworthy suppliers in these markets but there are also some unethical and unreliable clothes wholesale suppliers.

Search on Google: The most effective and straightforward method to locate kid's wholesale clothes suppliers is through making a simple Google Search. While this will again give you millions of options, you can qualify your search to include what is important for you. For e.g. if you want a sustainable or organic manufacturer or wholesaler or OEM or White Label manufacturer, maybe for kids wholesale clothes or something else, from India or from China or Bangladesh, put these keywords in your search and you will get more relevant results.

Why NoName?

NoName is a prominent player in the areas of white-label and OEM clothing manufacturing. What sets them apart is their ability to provide a flexible minimum order quantity (MOQ), a feature that confers a distinct advantage to kids' fashion mixed wholesale clothes buyers. This approach allows retailers to precisely order the required quantity of garments, thereby avoiding the burden of committing to larger quantities that can lead to excess inventory and financial loss due to unsold items.

Moreover, NoName's adaptable MOQ presents a unique opportunity for retailers to experiment with new products and trends. When contemplating the introduction of a new design or style, retailers can initiate a small-scale order with NoName. If this initial venture proves successful, subsequent orders of larger quantities can be seamlessly executed. This prudent strategy mitigates risk while optimizing profit potential.

To elaborate, a white-label manufacturer like NoName produces clothing items without branding, allowing retailers to customise and brand the existing designs as per their own brand. This can include changes in color, prints, buttons, accessories, hang tags, labels, and some other features. On the other hand, as an OEM manufacturer, NoName creates products based on the designs and specifications provided by the retailer, enabling them to market and sell exclusive kids' clothes under their own brand name and made to their exact specifications.

For those navigating the realm of kids' fashion retail, I wholeheartedly recommend considering NoName as your apparel partner. Their versatile MOQ policy emerges as a pivotal tool capable of propelling your success within the dynamic and challenging domain of kidswear, all while benefiting from the distinct advantages of white-label and OEM manufacturing approaches.

Sustainable kids wholesale clothes by clothing manufacturer in India


NoName encourages and promotes sustainable, organic clothes, using materials like cotton, hemp, bamboo, linen,customize and recycled polyester, which are good for your brand and good for the planet too. Also, they use dyes that are approved by Oeko-Tex to be free of hazardous chemicals and therefore good for children’s skin. The kids' mixed wholesale clothes made by NoName are carefully crafted to make sure that your customers will love them and keep coming back for more.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the landscape of kids' fashion retail is undergoing a remarkable transformation, driven by a multitude of factors that have propelled the demand for wholesale kids' clothing to new heights. From the influence of branded apparel and the impact of social media to the increasing emphasis on sustainability and the surge in online shopping, the industry is witnessing a dynamic shift that resonates with modern parents and fashion-conscious children alike.

Amidst the myriad sourcing methods available, the adaptable MOQ policy offered by NoName emerges as a standout solution, empowering retailers to navigate the ever-evolving kidswear landscape with precision and efficiency. The synergy of white-label and OEM manufacturing adds a layer of uniqueness and customization, elevating retailers' offerings. In this exciting journey, NoName emerges as an invaluable partner, embodying innovation and flexibility that is crucial for success in the competitive world of kids' fashion retail. As you navigate this vibrant realm, embracing NoName's partnership could very well be the key to unlocking your full potential and prospering in this exhilarating marketplace.

In order to get wholesale clothing for kids easily and at competitive prices, contact NoName today at:

WhatsApp: +91-9717 508 508

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