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Elevate your textile offerings with our intricately decorative beige-green brocade fabric. The fusion of beige and green tones creates a versatile and elegant canvas, perfect for a wide range of applications in the world of fashion.


Key Features:

-Material: Crafted from premium 100% brocade fabric.

-Color: A harmonious blend of beige and green tones.

-Pattern: Unique and decorative floral motifs woven seamlessly across the fabric.

-Versatile: Ideal for creating luxurious clothing, upholstery, drapery, and more.

-Quality: Crafted with precision and attention to detail.


The floral motifs are woven throughout the length of the canvas. The vintage-inspired design comes with an appealing shine that can elevate any simple look. Doused in wine, red, purple, green, white, and grey, the luxurious fabric can be crafted into a dramatic-sleeved blouse a long A-line shirt, or a lehenga skirt that will look charming.

100% Beige Green Brocade fabric with Unique Pattern all Over Fabric

1 Yard
  • 100 Yards

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