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Kids wear Clothing Manufacturers

Exporting Worldwide From India

At NoName, we're experts in crafting top-quality knit and woven clothing for kids, customized to your exact specifications. Our process is comprehensive, covering everything from sourcing materials to packing, ensuring a seamless experience for your children's fashion brand.

Organic Kids Clothing Manufacturing
High-Quality Kids Clothing Manufacturing
Low MOQ Kids Clothing Manufacturing
Leading Kids Clothing Manufacturing

Need a Free Design Consultation or Quote for your kids wear clothing ?

For your kids' wear clothing manufacturing needs, our team of experts is here to assist you. Whether you require advice to optimize your designs for production or want to create exclusive pieces for your brand, we've got you covered.

Our clothing production specialists can offer insights on achieving cost efficiency, modifying our existing white label designs, and customizing garments to align with your brand requirements. This includes altering materials, colors, prints, designs, and incorporating your brand labels, tags, wash care instructions, and more.

Connect with us today and schedule a meeting to discuss your vision with our friendly and experienced production team. At NoName, we're dedicated to being your partners in success!

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Buy only what you need! Not what your manufacturer forces upon you!

Flexible/Low MOQ

In today's uncertain economic landscape, many children's clothing brands are facing challenges. Ordering large amounts of inventory can be intimidating, especially for new brands.

NoName's Flexi MOQ approach shines. With a minimum order quantity as low as 100 pieces per style, you can take advantage of our extensive network of factories and suppliers. As your brand grows and the economy stabilizes, rest assured that we can accommodate larger quantities to meet your evolving needs. With NoName, you can start small and scale up confidently.

Prototypes and Samples for Kids Wear? No more a Problem!!

Sampling is often a significant hurdle for kid's clothing brands, but at NoName, we've got you covered. We offer a variety of sampling options, from Free to Paid and New Product Development. Our detailed video showcases our commitment to taking sampling very seriously.

Need kids clothing stitched fast?

At NoName, we prioritize both quality and timeliness in delivering your kids' clothing. While we advise adequate planning to avoid compromising product quality due to rushed production, we understand that urgent situations arise.

Speak with your relationship manager to discuss how we can expedite your order for swift delivery. While we can sometimes deliver clothes within a fortnight, particularly for re-runs, we recommend allowing approximately 45 days for production planning and stringent quality checks.

Timelines are influenced by various factors such as materials, styles, and production line availability. Therefore, we recommend consulting with our production team when placing your order for a more accurate time estimate.

We guarantee top-notch quality for kids wear!

Welcome to NoName, your top choice for kids clothing manufacturing! At NoName, quality is our cornerstone. We redefine standards through precise specifications, selecting premium materials, and maintaining strict standards throughout production. Our commitment extends to efficient merchandising, quick turnaround times, and clear communication. With NoName, your vision becomes top-notch garments that shine in the kids fashion market. Experience quality with NoName.

But what is the cost?

Interested in the cost of realizing your kids' fashion vision? At NoName, we understand that your brand's investment is essential. The cost of production varies based on factors like style, materials, and order quantity.


Our kids' clothing white-label section offers thousands of customizable products, with pricing details for different order quantities. For a precise estimate, submit your kids' clothing designs and tech packs. Our team will craft a cost estimate tailored to your kids' clothing brand's aspirations. With NoName, transparency and flexibility are guaranteed throughout the manufacturing journey.

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We make superior clothes at affordable prices, that get pride of place in thousands of stores across the world. Get in touch with our production experts to start a relationship that will last a lifetime!



Whether you are an online fashion brand, an offline fashion store or a large-format retail chain, we have the right solution for you. if you're looking to make or buy sustainable organic clothes. Even if you have no specific agenda at the moment and just want to talk to a friend about anything to do with textiles, fashion or sustainability, we are always happy to connect and listen to your thoughts.

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