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A charming and versatile 100% Merino Wool Pine Green Floral Embroidered Cord-set for babies

Product Features:

  • Fabric: Crafted from 100% merino wool, this cord-set offers both style and exceptional comfort for Kids and babies. The fabric is renowned for its remarkable qualities - it's durable, shiny, and incredibly soft.
  • Design: The elegant pine green color and delicate floral embroidery make this cord-set a standout piece. The full sleeves offer added warmth, this cord-set is a versatile choice that suits various baby clothing needs.
  • Quality Assurance: We take pride in the quality of our products. This cord set is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards.

Please note that the product image is for visual reference only. For accurate pricing and customization options, please get in touch with us. We're here to provide you with the best solution for your business needs.

100% Merino Wool Baby Cord-Set Pine Green Floral Embroidered Full-Sleeves

  • 100 Pieces

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