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Organic and sustainable clothes manufacturers in India

Clothing Manufacturers for Fashion Brands Worldwide.

Top 10 Organic Garment Manufacturers in India

NoName is a White-Label and OEM garment manufacturing and export company, focused on organic, sustainable materials, started by a team with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing garments for fashion brands worldwide. We help fashion brands to manufacture/source clothes or fabrics of their choice, efficiently and super fast.

Organic garments suppliers in India
Customised garments manufacturers in India
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Best garment manufacturers in India

Redefining the Future of Fashion

We understand fashion brands’ issues - from unreliable supply chains to quality control complexities, high minimum order quantities, exorbitant prices, and the struggle to access organic, sustainable materials and ethical production facilities.

At NoName, we're not just a garment manufacturer; we're a team with over two decades of hands-on experience in the industry. We've meticulously built a robust global network of trusted suppliers and factories, catering to every garment and accessory type. Our efficient merchandising and production capabilities ensure your orders are handled seamlessly. Moreover, our in-house teams for design, research, and development, coupled with stringent quality control, guarantee top-notch products. We also welcome third-party quality checks to maintain the highest standards.

Ready to revolutionize your fashion venture? Send us your styles today for a complimentary design consultation and a competitive quote. Let's reshape the fashion industry together, embracing sustainability and ethics along the way.

Design and development
Design and Development

We help startups and small fashion brands to develop custom garment designs, 3D illustrations, detailed Tech-packs, Fabric options, Measurement charts and Patterns.

Prototyping and Sampling

Sampling is the #1 problem for most fashion brands. Therefore we take this very seriously and offer a range of options from Free Samples or paid prototypes for New Product Development. 

Fabric & Raw Material Sourcing
fabric and raw material

We source high-quality fabrics from our vast network of reputable fabric suppliers and textile mills. We offer an extensive range of certified organic, natural dyed, recycled and custom print fabrics.

Dyeing and Printing
dyeing and printing

We have a network of quality printers and dyers who offer everything from digital printing to screen prints or sublimation. We also use Oeko-tex and plant-based pigment dyes.

Bulk Manufacturing
bulk manufacturing

We have a network of factories for different types of garments from t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies, to jeans, dresses, kidswear, and more. We offer flexible MOQs and end-to-end production support.

3rd Party Quality Control
3rd party QC

NoName follows stringent checks throughout the manufacturing process and we encourage buyers to engage 3rd party QCs to ensure the quality of goods is exactly as specified by them in their order. 

Certified organic clothes manufacturers in india and buying office

White Label or ODM Garment Manufacturing 

As a White Label or ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) we help you create clothing products out of our own designs and specifications. You have a limited possibility for customisation, by changing some colours, materials, and trims as well as putting your own brand labels. This method is convenient for those who do not have a strong design capability themselves.

Private Label or OEM Garment Manufacturing 

If you are looking for exclusive designs that you want us to manufacture to your specifications, we offer that as a Private Label or OEM manufacturer. It is more flexible but also more complex. This is a better choice if you have your own designs and the exclusivity of your designs is important to your business model. We sign an NDA to protect the IPR of your designs.

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Organic Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers

Make it Yourself

You can source the best organic, sustainable fabrics as well as buttons, threads, laces, zips and trims from us, to knit your own magic and make garments locally as per your own style. Your customers who are concerned about 'Buying Local' are demanding brands that manufacture products locally and this could be your competitive edge. Moreover, pollution due to fashion is one of the biggest threats to the environment today, and you can help protect the planet and the oceans, by choosing sustainable organic fabrics made from regenerative farming practices or recycling plastic bottles and fishing nets. Choose now from our wide range of fabrics. As a white label and private label manufacturer, we have access to a much larger range of textiles, but these are what are most commonly used.


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We offer a wide range of T-shirts, tank tops, sports bras, leggings, hoodies, sweatshirts and other activewear products, tastefully designed and made with love by our expert production merchants.

View our white-label activewear collection, which can be customised for your brand by making minor modifications. Remember we can also help you create your own designs from scratch, if you want something exclusively yours.


Organic natural and handloom fabrics suppliers



Buy 100% pure organic and sustainable fabrics from NoName, that come with certifications to ensure you get nothing but the best with each and every purchase and can use confidently to make your own garments.

GOTS Certified Sustainable fabrics suppliers in India
Top 10 Sustainable Company in India

TOP 10 Best Organic Products Startups 2021

We thank all our customers, employees, suppliers, and partners who chose sustainability and helped 'NoName' clothing manufacturers to be recognized. We look forward to having many more stories that get built on this journey that we have embarked on together with all of you lovely people. Three Cheers :)

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With every brand busy trying to tell their own story, we thought “let’s take a break” and listen to your story instead! If you are a fashion brand or designer and have been involved in any way, in sustainability or eco-friendly garments, please share your story here. Go on, the universe is listening & so are we :)

NoName fashion organic fabrics manufacturers and dealers
Organic, sustainable garment manufacturing and wholesale


Sustainability is not for any one brand, company, person, organization, or country alone. We’re all in this together. Join NoName as an ambassador of Slow Fashion, in our quest to make the world a better place today and for posterity. Help fashion brands find a trustworthy apparel manufacturer that understands their unique needs.

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