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Ethical Apparel

We strongly believe in ensuring that the goods we source from any factory anywhere in the world, meet the highest standards of ethical production and are very stringent in our checks and measures to ensure that there is no child labour hidden in the products you sell, and they have been made in safe hygienic work conditions, by employees who have been paid reasonable wages. This is a strong underlying tenet for our brand!

End to End

We support the apparel sourcing process from end to end, starting from product development, merchandising, production, documentation and shipping, to ensure you get the best products, in your store, at the best price and in the shortest time. So get ready to sell without worrying about the supply chain.

Beautiful Things

India is home to some of the most beautiful, delicate and exquisite fabrics and embroidery, like Kalamkari, Chanderi, Chikankari, Block printing, Bandhej and many others. Exquisite brass pieces come from Moradabad and many other regions produce extremely beautiful artefacts. We help you source such speciality Indian garments and accessories, and work with several communities, that encourage local workmanship and generate employment opportunities for them.

We Care

Every little detail, every strand in the fabric, every accessory, laces, embroidery, tags, labels, packing, documentation - there is nothing too small to let go. We ensure impeccable attention to detail, and that is the cornerstone for our existence - our raison d'être.

We Keep Pace!

We help source large quantities, manufacturing to scale, at best prices as well as small lots of clothes and accessories, that you can ask us for, without any hesitation and which we manage with equal ease and dedication.


Let's face it. All of us should be very worried about the calamitous situation, the world faces today. We like to take this thought beyond just words, and actively promote organic fabrics. As India is among the largest organic fabric manufacturers in the world, we are able to get you clothes that don't just look good on you. They actually help save the planet for our future generations. 

When I see a garment in a store anywhere in the world, I think about how it was made & by whom! Enabling this connection, is what I enjoy most and helps me express my creativity and  passion for clothes & accessories.

Kalpana Agrawal
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