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Don't Buy Anything this Black Friday

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

When we buy anything (even if it is sustainable), we create pollution because every single thing that is made, creates carbon emissions in one way or the other. Of course it gets much worse when there is harmful chemicals, emissions and stuff that further pollutes the earth or is not compostible etc and causes long term damage to the environment. Therefore even if it is contra to common logic for any brand and any company to ask you "Not to buy"? But here we are and suggesting, why not give it a break and not buy anything this "Black Friday"!!

Don't buy anything this black Friday

While you may buy products you might really need and which are attractively priced at this time, but the fact is that today we don't buy what we need; we buy because we are tempted. Tempted by slick marketing campaigns and emotive ads that play on our fear of 'missing out'.

Discount deals encourage people to purchase things they don't need and this leads to "overproduction", which contributes to climate change. Therefore more than 300 brands that advocate sustainability are actually encouraging their customers to spend Black Friday this year, looking in their wardrobes at what items they can repair, sell or recycle.

It is no surprise that the YOY sales figures have shown relentless growth and are poised to further increase this year irrespective of wheteher the economies open up or undergo further Covid related restrictions. E-commerce and online shopping are one of the big contributing factors towards this increase in sales and consumption.

Increase sales on Black Friday

Over the years, the lines between the individual sales events has began to blur. Online shopping shifted to Thanksgiving Day, for example, and then stretched past Cyber Monday. This year, Adobe Analytics expects the so-called “Cyber Week” (Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday) to turn into “Cyber Months.”

Last year in the UK, Black Friday is estimated to have produced nearly 430,000 metric tonnes of emissions — the equivalent of 435 return flights from London to New York. And a 2019 Green Alliance report found that 80 percent of everything bought during the Black Friday bonanza ends up getting tossed shortly after purchase.

So there has been a The revolution against Black Friday since 2011. Patagonia bought a full-page ad in the New York Times, featuring a photo of a fleece with the words Don’t Buy This Jacket". REI was next to step over the line — the co-op launched #OptOutside in 2015 to encourage its workers, their families, and customers to spend Black Friday outdoors instead of fighting the masses at the mall (or REI stores).

Don't buy this jacket

We at The NoName Company as suppliers of fabrics, trims, accessories and white label manufacturing of garments are naturally interested in growing our business as we are not a non-profit or charity, but we put the planet first, foremost and in the center of everything we do. After all we do realise that "On a dead planet, there will be no customers"

So also, we request all our friends, folks and anyone who'll listen to us, to please stay away from the glitzy malls, away from the too good to be true sales and to take a break instead. Spend time with your family and friends, be outdoors, admire nature, have a good day instead. Make this Black Friday a Green Friday instead. Don't go here.. it's not worth it!

Rush on Black Friday

🥂 The folks at The NoName Company

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