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NoName's Local Meet-up in Switzerland

Every Indian has been enchanted by Switzerland's snow-capped mountains, lush valleys, and pristine lakes in large part because of Bollywood films like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, a poster of which is still proudly placed at Mount Titlis.

175 years of trade relations between India and Switzerland

India and Switzerland have a trading relationship that goes as far back as the early 19th century when in 1851 the Volkart Trading Co. established its offices in Basel and Mumbai. The current trade between our two countries exceeds US$ 20 billion and has steadily grown, notwithstanding massive geopolitical churn. Switzerland's ambassador to India Dr. Ralf Heckner said that “the Treaty of Friendship and Establishment between Switzerland and India of 1948 was the first of its kind and one of the very first bilateral agreements concluded by newly independent India.”

The NoName company has been working with small and midsize fashion brands in Switzerland, since its inception and has strong working relationships with many fashion designers, boutiques and exclusive brands. In order to further strengthen these relationships, NoName recently organized a series of local meetups in Switzerland, from Zurich to Bern, Basel and Geneva. This gathering provided a platform for brands to showcase their products and explore exciting collaboration possibilities. This initiative exemplifies NoName's commitment to building strong partnerships while highlighting the diverse and high-quality offerings of the Indian apparel sector.

Switzerland's stable and quality-focused economy perfectly aligns with NoName India's aspirations to expand in various sectors. The Swiss apparel industry has enjoyed remarkable growth, and India aims to be a key partner in this story. Switzerland is known for quality-conscious customers and doing business there means clothing manufacturers have to be extra conscious about the quality of products they offer from materials to designs as well as stitching and finishing quality. Attention to detail is important as Swiss customers are very particular about the products they buy. It is an expensive country but one of the reasons is undoubtedly that you do not get poor quality shoddy and cheap products. There are however many brands that provide items on sale and that is a blessing for those looking for a bargain.

NoName's local meet-up in Switzerland

A significant milestone in this collaborative journey was marked by a joint statement issued during a meeting between India's Union Commerce & Industry Minister, Piyush Goyal, and Swiss Minister of Economy, Guy Parmelin who mutually agreed to work towards arriving at a common understanding on critical issues pertaining to the Trade and Economic Partnership Agreement (TEPA). Their shared commitment to trust, respect, and understanding each other's concerns laid the foundation for a fair and balanced agreement. This meeting set the stage for more discussions and collaboration in the future.

This statement reflects India's commitment to deepening its trade relations with Switzerland. The two countries have signed a number of bilateral agreements covering trade, investment, and other economic areas, and they are working to further deepen their economic ties. India's exports to the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), of which Switzerland is a key member, include textiles, chemicals, gems, and jewelry, machinery, and pharmaceuticals. On the flip side, India imports machinery, chemicals, precious metals, and medical instruments from the EFTA states. These exchanges emphasize the multifaceted nature of the partnership, reflecting a range of industries that benefit from this international collaboration.

We will take a closer look at the fascinating NoName's local meet-up in Switzerland, shedding light on the brands that participated and the potential collaborations that emerged from this unique gathering.

Preparing for the Meet-Up in Switzerland:

A. Setting the Goals

Before we headed for this local meetup in Switzerland, we had clear and specific goals. Our main goal was to meet our clients in Switzerland to understand the trends shaping the industry and look at their designs for the forthcoming seasons. We also wanted to explore new opportunities to deepen these relationships and to share the developments at our end in terms of innovations in fabrics, printing and dyeing technologies and new capability enhancements.

B. Why Personal Relationships Matter

We believe that personal connections are very important in business. So, we wanted to meet our clients face-to-face to build and strengthen our relationships with them. When people know and trust each other, it makes doing business better and smoother.

Clothing Brands in Switzerland

C. The Companies We Visited in Switzerland

We visited several fashion brands in Switzerland and also discovered some new opportunities with distributors and corporate customers whom we had not catered to in the past. They were spread across Switzerland but the overwhelming majority were in Zurich and Geneva (obviously).

We had a wonderful time meeting these companies, and the responses we received were overwhelmingly positive. Our clients were impressed with our clothing products and our commitment to quality and style. They also appreciated our dedication to building strong relationships.

Many of our clients expressed interest in collaborating with us in the future. Their warm feedback was encouraging and reinforced our belief in the importance of personal connections in business.

Meeting these companies and receiving such positive responses was a significant step forward for us, and it's an exciting part of our journey that we're thrilled to share with you.

How NoName Fits into the Swiss Market

NoName fits into the Swiss Market

This local meet-up in Switzerland allowed us to understand how our offerings align with the Swiss market. Our commitment to quality and style resonated well with Swiss consumers. Here's why our products fit in:

  • Quality Assurance: We take pride in the quality of our clothing. Swiss consumers appreciate well-crafted items, and NoName's dedication to quality aligns perfectly with their preferences.

  • Diverse Range: NoName offers a wide range of clothing items, from trendy designs to timeless classics. This diversity caters to the varied fashion tastes of Swiss consumers.

  • Sustainability Focus: NoName is committed to sustainable practices. We understand the importance of eco-friendly approaches, which aligns with the growing sustainability awareness in Switzerland.

  • Personal Relationships: Just like the Swiss value strong connections, we, too, believe in building personal relationships with our clients. This approach complements the Swiss business culture.

Our visit to Switzerland provided us with valuable insights. We learned that the Swiss fashion and retail industry places a high premium on quality, sustainability, and timeless elegance. These insights will guide our future strategies and product offerings.

Conclusion: Our journey to Switzerland was nothing short of remarkable. It allowed us to forge stronger connections with our clients, learn about the Swiss business landscape, and explore opportunities for collaboration. This visit was a major milestone for NoName, and it holds immense significance for our future endeavors.

As we conclude our narrative of NoName's Swiss adventure, we do so with a heart full of optimism and excitement. The future holds endless opportunities, and we're eager to embrace them with open arms. We look forward to sharing more successes and stories with you in the days to come.

For those interested in collaborating with NoName or inquiring about our products and services, we are always open to new partnerships and connections. Feel free to reach out to us using the contact information provided below, and let's explore the possibilities together.

WhatsApp: +91-9717 508 508

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