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Top Activewear Brands 2024

Are you a fashion retailer looking to capitalize on the booming activewear market? With the rising demand for activewear, many fashion retailers are seizing the opportunity to cater to this growing market segment. If you're looking to expand your collection and tap into the thriving activewear industry, now is the perfect time to do so. By incorporating high-quality activewear into your offerings, you can attract a wider audience of fitness enthusiasts and style-conscious consumers alike. 

Top Activewear Brands 2024

To help you get started, let's explore some of the top activewear brands from the UK, USA, and UAE. Drawing inspiration from their success stories and unique approaches, you can learn valuable lessons to elevate your own activewear collection and meet the evolving needs of your customers. So, let's dive in and discover what makes these brands stand out in the competitive world of activewear.

 Activewear Brands in the UK

Sweaty is an activewear brand

1. Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty, founded in 1998, has its headquarters nestled in the heart of London's vibrant Notting Hill. 

Established by Tamara and Simon Hill-Norton, the brand's philosophy revolves around offering stylish and functional activewear for women. What began as a single boutique has blossomed into a leading activewear brand in the UK, boasting over 40 boutiques across the country and a robust online presence. Sweaty Betty is synonymous with high-quality activewear that seamlessly transitions from workout sessions to everyday life.


Their product offerings span a wide range of activewear categories, including leggings, sports bras, tops, and accessories, all designed to empower women to lead active lifestyles without compromising on style. With a strong market presence and a reputation for excellence, Sweaty Betty continues to dominate the activewear scene in the UK, catering to the needs of fitness enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals alike.

Gymshark is an activewear brand

2. Gymshark: 

Founded in 2012, Gymshark started its journey in a garage in Birmingham, driven by a passion for weight training. 

Since then, it has become a standout name in the UK's activewear scene. Headquartered in Solihull, West Midlands, Gymshark has grown into a powerhouse in the fitness apparel industry. They focus on innovation and functionality, crafting gym clothes that enhance performance. Gymshark's product range caters to both men and women, offering a diverse selection including sweat-wicking shirts, supportive sports bras, and leggings with clever contouring technology. 

Their commitment to quality and community has led them to immense success, becoming a billion-pound business. Gymshark's rise to prominence showcases its dedication to providing high-quality activewear while fostering a sense of belonging within the fitness community in the UK.

3. Varley: 

Established in 2015 by Lara and Ben Mead, Varley is a renowned activewear brand based in the UK. With its headquarters jointly located in London and Los Angeles, Varley draws inspiration from the diverse styles of these two iconic cities. 

Their activewear combines the laid-back vibe of California with the sophisticated flair of London, resulting in pieces that are both practical and fashion-forward. Over the years, Varley has transitioned from a small startup to a respected international brand, known for its timeless collections tailored for the modern woman. 

Beyond just clothing, Varley prioritizes quality and design, aiming to create a sense of community among its customers. With a focus on blending functionality and style, Varley has carved out a unique space in the activewear market, offering women around the world versatile and fashionable options for their active lifestyles.

Activewear Brands in the USA

lulumelon is an activewear brand

1. Lululemon:

Founded in 1998 by Chip Wilson in Vancouver, Canada, Lululemon Athletica, known simply as Lululemon, has made a significant mark in the activewear scene across the USA. 

With its headquarters strategically located in Vancouver, Lululemon holds a unique position, blending technical athletic apparel with stylish everyday wear. The brand is renowned for its high-performance, yoga-inspired clothing, crafted using innovative fabrics such as their signature Luon material. Beyond just clothing, Lululemon fosters a community centered around healthy living and an active lifestyle. 

Their stores often host yoga classes and workshops, creating a sense of belonging for fitness enthusiasts. With a dedicated following and a commitment to quality and experience, Lululemon has firmly established itself as a prominent player in the ever-expanding athleisure market within the USA.

Nike is an activewear brand

2. Nike:

Founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, Nike is a giant in the American activewear scene. Headquartered near Beaverton, Oregon, the company started as "Blue Ribbon Sports," focusing on distributing Japanese running shoes. Over time, it evolved into Nike, Inc., emerging as the world's leading supplier of athletic footwear and apparel. 

Nike is renowned for its cutting-edge technology and iconic designs, with legendary product lines like Air Force 1s and Air Max shoes that have become staples in both athletic performance and everyday fashion. 

Nike offers a wide range of athletic apparel catering to various sports and activities. Their commitment to innovation and their ability to tap into cultural trends have solidified Nike's position as a dominant force in the American activewear landscape.

3. Girlfriend Collective:

Founded in 2016, Girlfriend Collective is an activewear brand based in Seattle, USA, making waves in the industry. 

They stand out for their focus on sustainability and ethical practices, using recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets to craft their high-quality leggings, bras, and more. What sets Girlfriend Collective apart is their impressive size range, catering from XXS to 6XL, promoting inclusivity in the activewear world. They prioritize transparency, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions in their SA8000-certified factories. 

They have ethically made, eco-conscious activewear that flatters all body types, Girlfriend Collective is a top choice in the US market. Their commitment to sustainability and inclusivity has garnered them a loyal following and established them as a leader in the industry.

Activewear Brands in the UAE

IKASU is an activewear brand


Founded in 2021, IKASU is an athleisure brand based in Dubai, UAE, dedicated to empowering women to lead active lifestyles. 

The name "IKASU," meaning "to revive" in Japanese, reflects their mission to inspire women to be their best selves. Their activewear collections go beyond the gym, catering to high-performance workouts and moments of relaxation alike. Collaborations with prominent female figures in the Middle East have helped establish their brand. IKASU's meticulous design ensures a flattering fit and functionality across their range of sports bras, leggings, shorts, and more. 

Recently, they expanded into swimwear, offering a vibrant selection of activewear that is both stylish and practical. Their commitment to affordability makes their products accessible to a wide audience, promoting inclusivity in the activewear market. IKASU's dedication to empowering women and providing versatile activewear options has quickly made them a standout brand in the UAE.

2. The Giving Movement:

Founded in 2016 in Dubai, The Giving Movement (TGM) is a locally grown activewear brand renowned for its dedication to ethical and sustainable practices. TGM stands out for its commitment to both style and social good. Their diverse collections, ranging from leggings and joggers to hoodies and tees, are made from ultra-soft, eco-friendly fabrics and designed with a versatile street-style aesthetic.

 What sets TGM apart is its focus on giving back to the community. With every purchase, they donate 15 AED to charity, supporting various causes within the UAE. This dedication to social responsibility, combined with their emphasis on quality and sustainability, has firmly established The Giving Movement as a leading activewear brand in the UAE.


Founded in 2017, SQUATWOLF is an activewear brand originating from Dubai with a mission to revolutionize gym wear in the UAE. Dissatisfied with the options available, SQUATWOLF sought to address the gap in the market by offering high-performance activewear that combines style with functionality. 

Their designs are meticulously crafted based on feedback from local trainers and gym enthusiasts, ensuring that each piece is both practical and fashionable. With its headquarters in Dubai, SQUATWOLF has swiftly risen to prominence among fitness enthusiasts in the region. 

Their success has propelled them to aspire to become a global leader in the activewear industry. SQUATWOLF's commitment to quality, style, and functionality has garnered them a loyal following and positioned them as a go-to choice for activewear in the UAE.

Activewear Clothing Supplier in the UK, USA and UAE

NoName stands out as a premier activewear supplier in the UK, USA, and UAE, offering high-quality activewear manufactured in India. Specializing in sustainable clothing manufacturing, we prioritize eco-conscious practices and superior craftsmanship. As an Indian clothing manufacturer, we provide flexible minimum order quantities (MOQs), catering to the specific needs of our clients.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our choice of materials, ensuring that each piece of activewear is made from eco-friendly fabrics. NoName's dedication to ethical manufacturing standards makes us a trusted partner for fashion retailers and brands seeking exceptional activewear.

With our small-order clothing manufacturing capabilities, we offer personalized service to our clients while maintaining the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. Whether you're in the UK, USA, or UAE, or in any other country, NoName is your go-to activewear supplier for premium quality, sustainable activewear.

Conclusion: In conclusion, as we've delved into the top activewear brands of the UK, USA, and UAE, it's evident that the activewear market is thriving with opportunities for growth. Just like these established brands, you too can expand your activewear business and cater to the growing demand for high-quality activewear. Whether you're a retailer looking to stock up on premium activewear or a brand seeking to launch your own line, NoName is here to support your journey.

As a leading activewear clothing manufacturer in India and supplier in the UK, USA, and UAE, NoName offers sustainable and ethically manufactured activewear. With our commitment to quality, flexibility in small order quantities, and eco-conscious practices, we ensure that your activewear business stands out in the competitive market. Partner with NoName today and take your activewear business to new heights of success.

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