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A very pretty 100% Cotton Fabric with Spandex Single Jersey in a captivating solid plain color. This versatile fabric is your ultimate choice for crafting the perfect blend of luxury and flexibility. The addition of spandex adds stretchable quality to the fabric With a generous width of 150 centimeters, you'll have ample space Each unit comes with a length of 1 meter, providing you with the perfect canvas to showcase your artistic vision.


Before proceeding with your order, we kindly request that you allow us to verify the current availability of the selected fabric in our inventory. This precautionary step ensures a smooth and efficient order processing experience for you. This step is essential to prevent any potential delays or inconvenience in fulfilling your order accurately and on time.

100% Cotton fabric with spandex single jersey fabric solid plain color

2.2 Pounds
  • 100 lb

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