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How to Dress Appropriately for a Snow-Weather Run

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

It requires courage and preparation to run in the cold weather. Here is some advice on how to dress for a snow-weather run with comfort and safety. As temperatures drop, it's critical to layer warm, breathable garments to assist our bodies to regulate heat. And, as it turns out, even in the coldest of temperatures, it's possible to overdress, so consider clothing with vents or that can be readily shed mid-run.

How to dress for snow weather run

Base Layer: Stay Dry on the inside

On the inside, it's important to stay dry. Moisture is one of the most common causes of excessive heat loss. Start with a base layer comprised of a breathable, quick-drying fabric to help wick sweat away from your skin. Merino wool, polyester, nylon, and Lycra are all excellent choices. Cotton, on the other hand, does not, because it absorbs moisture but does not wick it out.

Second Layer: Preserve heat

Choose a soft, warm, and insulating garment for a second layer. But don't go overboard. When you work out, your body produces heat. As a result, if you're overdressed, you can finish yourself moist and chilly at the end of your run. You've most certainly layered correctly if you're a little chilly when you step outside and quickly warm up. You might be overdressed if you're as warm as toast before running a step.

Second layer-preserve heat

Outer Layer: Repel the elements

To top things off, choose a protective shell that will keep the elements from infiltrating your loft layer. Depending on the weather, this might be anything from a light windbreaker to a completely insulated jacket. Another option is a vest, which keeps your body warm while leaving your arms free to chill.

Outer layer - Repel the elements

For the rest of your Body: Minimise Exposure

Not only does bare skin lose heat, but it is also vulnerable to injury from exposure. Fingers can be kept warm with the help of gloves. On most frigid days, one layer is sufficient for your legs. Regular full-length workout leggings will most likely provide sufficient coverage and support. We recommend tights like Smartwool Merino Sport Fleece Wind Tights for extra-cold days.

Minimise exposure

For your feel: Consider Traction

If an all-in-one ice shoe is too much for you, but you're concerned about slippery ground, consider a nonslip traction device that you can wear with your usual running shoes.


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