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How we can both win

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Manufacturing sustainable clothes for fashion brands is a challenging task. To start with there is the pressure of competitive pricing. Even if customers are slowly gravitating towards buying sustainable products, most small/midsize fashion brands are still unwilling to invest in better quality products that may cost more but also sell for more and improve their per-unit profitability, apart from being better for the environment too.

And I can't blame them. Ultimately there is a very real and immediate challenge that they too face for survival. Therefore there is a necessary trade-off between a better future Vs immediate fulfilment - and we all know who wins that one don't we?

How can we win

As a "clothing manufacturer" we have limited options regarding what we can do for the end customer or encourage the demand for organic Vs non-organic - that's what the retailers can do because they talk to the end-user, we don't. But here's the deal - anything done is better than nothing done! Do you agree?

So we start with the realisation that we can't be everything for everyone. Since the NoName company started 3 years ago, we have been clear about the most important factor in our DNA, which is to manufacture high-quality clothes, using organic, sustainable materials, for small/midsize brands and be their partners in success.

For this segment, we have a great solution for both these challenges and this is how we solve it in three steps:

1. Efficiency

The cornerstone for any production process is efficient operations, and that is what sets the NoName company apart as well, as we try and run a tight ship. From the time when a customer starts their journey with us, which is often a while before they even place an order, we start planning the production process, timelines etc and post-order we are already set with our raw material sources and planning. Naturally, production takes what time it does, but since we specialise in small quantity orders we are usually able to deliver things earlier than anticipated. We are able to allocate orders and different parts of the order to different factories and fabricators, who are part of the NoName approved network so that resources are not sitting idle and customers get their goods in time.

2. Quality

It is quite cliched to say we make better quality than the others and not necessarily always true. But the fact is that the clothes manufacturing industry is quite big and has all kinds of players in it - from those who still accept child labour and unsafe working conditions for their workers, to some who promise something at the sample stage and deliver inferior products finally and so on and so forth. This is where the 'NoName' company differs and holds quality both in the process as well as in the end product, to a high standard. Moreover, we bring decades of experience working with the best brands in the world, getting quality tests from the likes of SGS that gives us confidence and finally it is the references from our existing customers that have helped us to grow till date as the preferred clothes manufacturing partner for small/midsize retailers worldwide.

3. Cost

The biggest obstacle in manufacturing sustainable clothes is the cost and more so if this needs to be done in small quantities - let's say 250 - 500 pieces. Most manufacturers who refuse to do this quantity are not unreasonable - any factory operates on the principle of large scale material processing. An average clothing factory churns out 5 - 10,000 pieces every day. To make such a small quantity as 500 pieces nobody can technically hold up their manufacturing lines. It is simply not possible.

This is where NoName has developed a proprietary technology-based resource allocation method whereby we are able to map all our suppliers, printers, dyers, fabricators, factories, quality inspectors, labs etc based on present and future demand. We are then able to break up the manufacturing process into smaller units and combine similar processes for different orders to keep all units occupied, reduce wastage and maximise productivity.

That's how we as clothing manufacturers, are able to offer buyers, similar prices as what they would get for larger order sizes, and still ensure that they get high quality, durable clothes that last long, sell well, and get high positive feedback from your customers.

The NoName company is a sustainable clothing manufacturer in India with a network of fabricators and factories across the country, from Ludhiana (for wool) to Delhi NCR (for wovens) to Gujarat (for fabrics) and Tirrupur (for knits). We make high quality customised clothes in smaller MOQs for small/midsize fashion brands worldwide.

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