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NoName at Pure London x JATC 2024

From 11-13 February 2024, the iconic venue at Olympia London was abuzz with activity as Pure London and JATC (Just Around The Corner) teamed up for the city’s biggest fashion trade show, which featured new retail categories, a diverse array of brands showcasing, and excited exhibitors drawing large crowds of high potential visitors. This collaboration had everyone buzzing with anticipation, promising a fashion event like never before.

NoName at Pure London x JATC

By joining forces with JATC and using Pure London's 25-year experience, the teams worked together and shared their knowledge, resources, and connections to make shopping simpler and better for buyers. As a leading clothing manufacturer in India, the NoName team was there to soak in the latest trends and bring a touch of London's fashion flair to our sustainable clothing collections.

It was a blend of Pure London's grand fashion trade show and JATC's intimate charm, bringing together various brands and designers from around the world. Buyers had a chance to spot new trends, and brands had the perfect stage to showcase their best. The event was a hit, and it's set to become a major player in the UK's fashion scene. 

As a garment manufacturer committed to crafting sustainable clothing, NoName is on a mission to not only stay updated on the latest styles but also to contribute to a fashion world that cares for our planet. Join us as we take you through our journey at Pure London x JATC, where fashion met sustainability, and trends were more than just styles – they were a statement of responsibility.

What’s in it for Buyers and Brands?

For Buyers:

  • More Choices: Now, buyers get to explore both the big, established brands from Pure London and the fresh, new talents from JATC, all in one place.

  • Diverse Styles: With a mix of styles and designs, there's something for everyone, making it easier for buyers to find what they're looking for.

  • Organized Shopping: The event was well-organized, with different sections for different things, making the shopping experience smoother.

For Brands:

  • Bigger Audience: Brands got a chance to show off to a wider audience, combining Pure London's fame with JATC's unique Northern focus.

  • Boosted Reputation: Being part of a prestigious event like Pure London could lift a brand's image and get it noticed.

  • Networking Opportunities: Brands had the chance to meet and connect with other brands, opening doors for potential collaborations.

Fashion trade show in Pure London x JATC

NoName's Take on Pure London x JATC 2024: A Glimpse into the Fashion Future

Recently, NoName had the incredible opportunity to immerse ourselves in the fashion extravaganza, Pure London x JATC 2024, held at the iconic Kensington Olympia in London from 11th to 13th February. As a leading clothing manufacturer in India, specializing in sustainable and small-order clothing, this event was not just a showcase of trends but a journey into the heart of the global fashion landscape.

The Fusion of Pure London and JATC: A Milestone for Fashion Buying:

Pure London, renowned as the UK’s largest Festival of Fashion, made a significant announcement in February 2024. Just Around The Corner (JATC) joined forces with Pure London to create Pure London x JATC, marking a historic collaboration. NoName recognizes the importance of this union, seated under Hyve's retail division umbrella, as it transforms the fashion buying experience.

Transformed Show at Olympia London: NoName's View on the Fashion Spectacle:

The first combined show at Olympia London promised a metamorphosed experience. NoName was thrilled to witness an increased number of inspirational fashion designers and brands converging to redefine fashion. The curated sectors, from Womenswear and Accessories to Lifestyle and Beauty brands, showcased the event's dedication to diversity.

Gloria Sandrucci’s Vision: A Landmark Development in Fashion History:

Gloria Sandrucci, Event Director of Pure London x JATC, shared a visionary perspective. She emphasized that this collaboration aimed not only to follow trends but to shape them. NoName resonates with this vision, aligning our commitment to sustainable clothing manufacturing with the industry's evolving narrative.

Juls Dawson's Excitement: Streamlining Fashion for an Inclusive Experience:

Juls Dawson, Creative Director, expressed excitement about uniting with Pure London to streamline the trade show calendar. As a small order and wholesale clothing manufacturer, NoName values the vision to create a more inclusive platform. The commitment to diversity in brands, from up-and-coming designers to established ones, aligns with NoName's ethos.

Why NoName Recommends Pure London x JATC for Trendsetting: A Global Fashion Stage:

Pure London x JATC isn't just a local event; it's a global platform that NoName recommends for trendsetting. With exhibitors and visitors from over 80 countries, it provides a unique opportunity for a clothing manufacturer in India to connect with global trends and international buyers.

Day One: NoName's Joyous Experience:

On the opening day, NoName reveled in the vibrant atmosphere alongside renowned retailers. The Pure London x JATC Catwalk, showcasing AW24/25 trends, drew eager crowds. As a sustainable clothing manufacturer, NoName found inspiration in trend stories like 'Chaos Dressing' and 'Child’s Play,' aligning with our commitment to quality and creativity.

In essence, Pure London x JATC 2024 was more than an event for NoName – it was a celebration of fashion, diversity, and innovation. As we return from this fashion pilgrimage, we carry with us not just trends but a vision to contribute to the evolving fashion landscape, creating sustainable and trendsetting clothing for all.

Fashion Trade show

Conclusion: As NoName consistently immerses itself in events like Pure London x JATC, our commitment to being at the forefront of fashion trends remains unwavering. We understand the importance of being updated on the latest styles, ensuring that our offerings reflect the pulse of the ever-changing fashion landscape. Fashion retailers seeking the latest clothing, be it sustainable, small-order, or wholesale, should look no further than NoName, a prominent clothing manufacturer in India.

Are you ready to infuse your retail collection with the latest trends in sustainable and trendy clothing? Connect with NoName, your dedicated partner in fashion evolution. Explore our diverse range of offerings and collaborate with us to bring the freshest fashion trends to your shelves. Stay ahead, stay stylish – choose NoName as your go-to clothing manufacturer.

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